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Hi-Performance Exterior Paint

Boysen® Acrytex™ Tinting Colors

Boysen® Acrytex™ Tinting Colors are concentrated acrylic solvent based tinting colorants for Boysen® Acrytex™ Products. Read more.

Boysen® Acrytex™

Boysen® Acrytex™ is an acrylic solvent-based coating that forms a seamless, non-porous, watertight film that repels water and prevents seepage. Read more.

Boysen® Acrytex™ Cast #1711

Boysen® Acrytex™ Cast #1711 is an acrylic solvent-based putty for correction of minor surface imperfections when a plain finish of Boysen® Acrytex™ Topcoat is desired. Gives an elegant and durable textured finish when applied with a mortar gun. Read more.