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Special Finishes

Boysen® DECORé™ Classic

Boysen® DECORé™ is a unique water-based decorative paint system that can simulate the complex texture and distinctive finish of the European masters right in your home. Read more.

Boysen® DECORé™ Suede™

Boysen® DECORé™ Suede™ is an odor-less, low VOC, environmentally friendly water-based matte interior paint that evokes the stylish look and luxurious feel of brushed suede leather. It is easy to apply, yet adds a dimension of sophisticated depth to your walls. Read more.

Boysen® DECORé™ Perlescente™

The striking gilded style of Italian Renaissance masters is now in paint finishes. Boysen® DECORé™ Perlescente™ is a decorative, environment-friendly paint finish that uses natural oxides to create interiors with hints of gold and silver gleaming through its strong or subtle colors. Read more.

Boysen® Marmorino™ Italian Marble Finish

Boysen® Marmorino™ is a lime-based, decorative marble finish that can be used on interior and exterior wall surfaces. Its watertight and antibacterial properties also make it ideal for luxury bathrooms and damp areas. Read more.